LTG (Love The Game) Tryouts – FALL 2018

LTG Lions will be hosting tryouts for Fall 2018. Please contact each individual coach if you have any questions.

Upcoming Tryouts for this week

Please print up this tryout page and complete prior to attending tryouts.

10U Carda/Moreno (07)

LTG 10u Carda/Moreno is seeking dedicated and hard-working athletes to add to our fall 2018 roster. We are looking for players who love the game, who want to learn, and who are willing to work hard.  Players with a 2007 birth year are preferred; however strong 2008 athletes will be considered. All positions are open for competition.

Please call Jim Carda 916-799-4103 or Jen Moreno 916-601-8088 for private tryouts.

12U Carda – (06) – Remains at 12U

Please call Jim Carda 916-799-4103 for private tryouts.

12U Henderson/Lively/ (05) – Soon to be 14U

Looking for a pitcher to finish off our successful and established roster. Coaching staff is committed to excellence. Coach Erin is the pitching coach and pitched for Texas A&M. Coach Tim has been with the team since inception and has a great way in connecting and coaching the players.

Joe Henderson and Jake Lively have played a larger role this season. They are going to be running practices, running games and be fully immersed in this team. With 2nd year 12’s being such an important time in the growth process, we believe they will be an excellent benefit and one that will help our girls elevate their game to the next level. It is their goal to develop the girls in the same manner that their current players have been accustomed to.

Please call Tim Celluar 209-969-1724 or Erin Taylor at 916-416-6706 for private tryouts.

14U Carda/Goard(2021/2022) – Soon to be 16U

Please call Jim Carda 916-799-4103 for private tryouts.

LTG 16U Henderson/Lively(2019/2020) – Soon to be 18U

Please call Joe Henderson 916-947-7331 or Jake Lively 916-271-6630 for private tryouts.

For workouts with the team or private tryouts, please call Joe Henderson 916-947-7331.