LTG (Love The Game) Tryouts – Spring 2019.

LTG Lions will be hosting tryouts for Fall 2018. Please contact each individual coach if you have any questions.

Upcoming Tryouts


CLICK HERE FOR TRY OUT FORM, print, fill out, and bring to tryouts.


10U (08 & 09) Buck under the guidance of Joe Henderson and Jim Carda

Please call Amanda Buck 916-479-5048

12U Carda/Moreno (07)

Please call Jim Carda 916-799-4103 or Jen Moreno 916-601-8088 for private tryouts.

12U Carda/Buckley – (06) – Remains at 12U

Pat Buckley 916-869-8882 will be the head coach in the spring for LTG 12U (06).

Please call Jim Carda 916-799-4103 for private tryouts.

14U Henderson/Lively/ (05)

For any questions or private tryouts,  please contact below coaches:

Tim Cuellar (; 209-969-1724
Erin Taylor (; 916-416-6706

14U (04) Brian Seva(2022/2023) – This team will be coached by Brian Seva under the guidance of Jim Carda and Joe Henderson.   For questions and inquiries contact Brian at (916) 365-6566.

16U Carda/Goard(2021/2022)

Please call Jim Carda 916-799-4103 for private tryouts.

18U Henderson/Lively(2019/2020)

Please call Joe Henderson 916-947-7331 or Jake Lively 916-271-6630 for private tryouts.